Burial Insurance plans4u focuses on final expense life insurance and our mission centers around rendering exceptional level of services in the following two areas:

  • Articulating right information and advising such individuals who seek assistance regarding burial life insurance.
  • Assist everyone in obtaining the best price and coverage for their  final expense insurance plan.

We embody more than 20 high grade insurance companies which speaks to our unbiased approach. This also enables us to assist you to make certain that you purchase the plan that best fits your budget.

When you seek our services, you opt for not only the most dedicated licensed & professional agents but you also get premium level help from the comfort of your couch. Your devoted agent will guide you through the entire process  to formulate an ideal plan. You will never come across any aggressive sales or marketing tactics as each of our agents is trained to depict nothing but sheer grace & regard.

  • Distinctive Qualifications:

Contrary to traditional insurance companies or agencies, we are ideally qualified and below are three core reasons which make us the best nationwide online final expense agents.

  • We only deal with final expense insurance as this is our main expertise. The extensive experience under our belt is evident that we have keen knowledge that each insurer approves you with the lowest price offer.
  • Having an unbiased approach means that we are not interlinked with any insurance company and thus by representing 20 top insurance carriers, we can explore  what is best for you.
  • Our preference lies with you and we are entirely devoted to offering you the most optimal services, hence, we always place you with the carrier which is not best for us, but rather for you.
  • Final Expense Insurance in a Unique Way:

The insurance market has always faced impetuous sales and marketing tactics which served no good for either party. Previously, the burial insurance was also sold directly on your premises. A salesperson used to come into your house and persist until you approve the agreement willingly or unwillingly.

For the same reason, we have a staunch faith to do things differently. We get you in touch with a dedicated and professional licensed agent rather than a salesman, similarly, we do not push you to make a move rapidly, instead, we respect your own pace and regard it professionally. 

The professional & licensed agent will guide you through and answer all of your questions, concerns, and not only that but will compare your potential insurance policies from varied carriers to find you the best value for money.

The rest of our working mechanism functions via phone, internet, or email so you can smoothly obtain our services from the comfort of your own bed by choosing your preferred medium of communication. You can take our words on the fact that we never try to pressure or manipulate you to buy anything, rather you can have the fullest control to form your own terms and buying stipulations. At the same time, we ensure that you have to pay the least possible amount for the final expense insurance plan.